With nearly every business being hacked, Is there an off line version where the data stays on my PC or phone or ipad?

I read the answers to similar questions, and they do not provide confidence of guaranteed security of my data.  

With companies entering into agreements with the NSA to give them access, the last place I need all my data is on line.  I need an offline version if you have one.

I notice when attempting to install your app on my android phone, it wants access to my location, why is this? Also it asks for access to photos, media, files?  So to use the app, you want access to my private photos, my private video's, all my personal voice messages and other audio and access to all my external storage?  Really?  It sounds like you are asking for personal information way beyond what is needed for the app to function.  Please provide a full explanation on why access to each of these is required?  Files.  Everything is a file, so this means you want access to everything on my phone. Am I the only person that thinks this is unreasonable?


Hello raywalker,

I apologize for any inconvenience it may cause, but unfortunately there is not an offline version of Mint.  Mint is an online-only service, allowing your data to be accessed by logging in from any computer or mobile device.  However I understand your concern, and my best suggestion is to use a different product that does offer similar functionality offline, such as Quicken.  

The file permissions for the app are not uncommon, and are required to save/read/delete cached data for the app:

    • modify or delete the contents of your USB storage
    • read the contents of your USB storage

While I understand how that could be interpreted as the app reading all of your files, it simply needs permission to use the storage media for caching purposes.  I don't have the exact reasoning for the GPS permission, but I would assume that data is used to generate relevant offers that appear occasionally in the app.  However if you reach out to our Chat team or open a ticket with the Contact Mint form, they may be able to provide more specific data than I have readily available to me.  

Jesse :man:

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