The "Select a comparison" feature is broken on the "Trends" section of Mint.

When viewing the "Trends" section, in every graph the "Select a comparison" drop-down is broken. Neither hovering nor clicking on it does anything. It used to provide the option to compare to a previous year or period. Now it just sits there and nothing shows up. 

This has been broken for me for weeks. I use the most recent versions of both Chrome and Safari on my Mac (running 10.10.4), and Chrome on Windows 7. The bug appears everywhere. 

In Chrome at least, sometimes the drop down options will display briefly as the page loads, but once it's fully loaded the drop down disappears forever. At no point is it usable. I suspect it is a CSS or JavaScript bug that is rendering the drop-down elements off-screen somewhere. 


As you can see from the attached file, the element in question id="menu-compare" is getting a "top" and "left" offset added to it when hidden. This offset should go away when it is hovered over and its class changes from "menu hide" to simply "menu". The top & left offsets should be zeroed out. 

Instead, the offsets remain even in the active, hovered state, which prevents the menu from showing up. 

A workaround is to overwrite the CSS in Chrome's console by entering this command: 

document.getElementById('menu-compare').style.cssText='display:block !important'

This should be a trivially easy fix for Mint engineers.  



Hi Mint,

I did some testing on this myself and after playing around with the screen a bit, the options did pop up, but not where they're supposed to, as you noted. I have escalated this internally to have it looked at, and while it isn't required, it would also be helpful if you can Contact Mint technical support and supply some more data about what you're seeing, this will help the support team better understand the problem and how many people have been affected by it. I apologize for any inconvenience it has caused in the meantime.

Mint Mike

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