There are currently 109(!) banks that haven't worked in three months all for the same reason because they all use the same service provider.

This is ridiculous. 109 banks, that's one hundred and nine banks, have been broken for three months. They all use the same sevice provider so it should be taken care of by a single fix and Mint hasn't fixed the issue in three months. Are the engineers incompetent or are they just indifferent to the clients of 109 banks?

This is the list of banks:

ACS Savings Plan
AIG Annuities
Alaska State Employees FCU (Now True North FCU
Altra Federal Credit Union
American Marine Bank (Now Columbia Bank)
American State Bank (Pierre, SD)
Arrowhead CU - Business Banking
Ashton State Bank
Atwater State Bank (MN)
Aventa CU (formerly Saguache County CU)
Baird OnLine
Bank & Trust Company
Bank of Astoria
BB&T Securities, LLC - BB&T Investments
BB&T Securities, LLC - BB&T Scott & Stringfellow
Boehringer Ingelheim
Burton State Bank (TX)
Caltech Employees Federal Credit Union
Caltech Employees Federal Credit Union (La Canada, CA)
Carmine State Bank (TX)
Central Bank of India
Chester County Bank
Choice Financial Savings Bank (MN)
Citizens Bank and Trust Company (NE)
Citizens State Bank of Tyler
Citizens State Bank, of Arlington (SD)
City State Bank (Ogden, IA)
College Savings Plans of Maryland
Columbia Bank (WA) - Personal & Streamlined
Commercial Bank of Minnesota
Community Bank (NE)
Community Bank of Central Wisconsin
Community First Bank (OR) (now Home Federal Bank)
Community Valley Bank (CA)
CVS Future Fund
Delta Trust & Bank
D'Hanis State Bank (TX)
Dominion Energy Savings Plan
East Texas National Bank
Eastside Commercial Bank, NA
Edison Internatinoal - Benefits Connection
ePlan Services - 401k
Exchange State Bank (IL)
Far West Bank
Farmers' and Traders' State Bank (IL)
Farmers Bank of Green City (MO)
First Community Bank (Sidney, IA)
First National Bank and Trust Company (KY)
First National Bank of Lake Jackson (TX)
First Security Bank & Trust Company (KS)
First Standard Bank (Now Open Bank)
First State Bank of Grove City
First State Bank of Hawarden
First State Bank of St. Peter (IL)
Franklin Bank (IL)
Fulton State Bank (South Dakota)
Harris 401K
HCA Benefits
Heartland Community Bank (NE)
High Desert FCU
Home Federal Bank (Idaho)
Indiana Public Retirement System (INPRS)
ITT BenefitsWeb 401k
Johns Hopkins Federal Credit Union
Lake Michigan Credit Union (MI) - Mortgage
Laona State Bank (WI)
Liberty Bank - Eugene, OR (Now Home Federal Bank
Madisonville State Bank (Madisonville, TX) (Now PROSPERITY BANK)
MOCSE Federal Credit Union
Nebraska National Bank
Nixon State Bank (TX)
Nolan Financial
Ohio Police and Pension FUND (OP&F)
Patriot Bank (IA)
Paychex Advisor(k) Plan
PENSCO Trust Company
Peoples Bank of Moniteau County
Peoples Bank of the Ozarks
Peoples State Bank of Halletsville
Prime k
Prime Pacific Bank (WA)
Punjab National Bank
PwC Benefits Express
Red River State Bank
Reed Smith LLP - Retirement Solution
Security FCU
State Bank of Park Rapids (MN) (Now Northview Bank)
State Bank of Taunton (MN)
Superior Bank (WI)
The First National Bank of Battle Lake
The First National Bank of Bryan-College Station (TX)
The First National Bank of Carrollton
The First National Bank of Girard
The First National Bank of Logan
The First National Bank of Volga
The First State Bank (Hallsville, TX)
The Missouri Bank - Credit Card
The Peoples Bank (IN)
The Peoples Bank (OH)
The Peoples Savings and Loan Company (OH)
The Tampa State Bank
Tomah Area CU
Triad Partners FCU
Virginia Retirement System
Xerox Benefit 401k - Hewitt
Yakima National Bank

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