Can I sort tags alphabetically? Can I categorize tags?

I am re-submitting this request.  It is important, and should be easy to implement.

I use a lot of Tags and am constantly adding new tags and refining older tags.  My list of tags is growing.   I have two suggestions 1) I would like to see an option to categorize tags (Home, Business, Bills, Banking, Travel), and 2) PLEASE, provide an option to sort tags alphabetically.   

When a user, such as myself, has over 100 tags, it becomes VERY DIFFICULT to search through tags to find the specific tag needed, especially when Mint offers no tag sorting or categorization options.  For many users, the ability to edit, sort, categorize, modify and move tags becomes an essential part of using Mint.  As the use of tags increases and power users begin to understand the benefit of having 'smart' tags, such as GTD (Get Things Done) tags, it becomes even more important that Mint address this feature request and implement, at least, an overall tag sort component (A-Z, Z-A)

Please, don't minimize the importance of tags in regards to Mint and Mint users.  Based upon other users questions and requests, I suggest Mint spend time understanding just how important tags are and how the proper use of tags can help users, and create a user-friendly tag management system, providing tips to help users.  Tags are powerful and should be a major marketing sales point for home and business users.

I have over 30 years of sales and marketing experience, combined with  a strong technical and programming background.  The coding modules required to sort alphanumeric fields (without categories for now) already exists, and locating the code should be easy (Sorting is basic programming 101).  Since the modules are pre-written and tested, it should be a fairly easy process to add, at a minimum, a basic A-Z, Z-A alphanumeric sort on the tag name field.

Please add an overall alphabetical sort for the moment, and then add 'categories for tags', as a future enhancement.   Thanks so much.

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