I'm having trouble validating my mortgage site.

My loan company recently switched websites and my sync with mint stopped working. I've put in the new information, but I can't seem to get it to work. I think there is some sort of extra validation that is failing. I think its accepting the username and password, but every time I got to "Fix It" on the account and put in my credentials, I get an email with a 6 or 7 digit code from my mortgage site saying to put the code in. However there is no place in mint to input this info. The mortgage company is First Community Mortgage, the website for the mortgage management is http://www.yourmortgageonline.com/. Any help would be appreciated.


It's still being worked on.  You can "Me too" and follow here:

Just to clarify, Dovenmuehle Mortgage is a private label mortgage servicing site, and Cardinal Financial was only one of their many customers.  Mint won't be able to re-point the "Dovenmuehle Mortgage" connection to Cardinal's new site.  If they do, other customer's connections (non Cardinal Financial mortgage customers) which might be working just fine will be screwed up as well.  They'll need to create a new institution connector.  I'm not sure if the new site is only for Cardinal or if they just switched backend providers.

I'll add my request in as well, requesting the creation of a new "Cardinal Financial" institution that points to "yourmortgageonline.com"

Update on 10/21/2015: based on the info below that the new site is also owned by Dovenmuehle, I'd revise my suggestion. It sounds as if it is Dovenmuehle itself that is swapping out it's own backend and moving to a more generic sounding URL.  If that's the case and all of its business is being moved to the "yourmortgageonline" site, then the tickets that are submitted should request a change to the existing connector.  It can stay named "Dovenmuehle Mortgage" and the new secure login page should be "https://www.yourmortgageonline.com/Account/Login"

Update on 12/11/2015: I've also sent in the screenshot showing the soon to be deactivation of the old site, so hopefully they can prioritize the availability of the new connector before then.

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