Duplicate transactions on Citizens Bank Checking.

Duplicate transactions on Citizens Bank checking account.  Doesn't matter what kind, transfers, ACH, ATM deposits, withdrawals, all get duplicated.  Strange thing is, it only started happening this week, but now backdates.  As in, transaction posts 3/25.  On 3/26, I have one ATM deposit.  Good.  Then on around 4/1, I look back, and I have duplicate ATM deposits for 3/25.

For some reason, the duplicates just don't show up until later on.  I can't go through and mark everything as duplicates all the time...


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Hello cam513143,

I’m sorry to hear that your transactions are duplicating in your account.

There are several potential causes for this:

1. The transactions are duplicated on the bank's website.
> If this is the case, there’s no way for us to fix the issue since we are only pulling in what’s posted on the bank site. You should contact your bank and ask them to look into the issue. 

2. The transactions IDs were changed by the bank.
> Every transaction is assigned a unique identifier (ie” Transaction TID) by the financial institution. If for any reason the transaction ID is updated by the bank, and the TID changes, Mint sees it as a different transaction, regardless if the date, payee, and amount are the same. 

3. A one-time glitch on the bank website that cause the issue in Mint.
> If this happens, unfortunately, we don’t have the ability to automatically clean up or remove the duplicate transactions.  We do however, have an algorithm in our scripts that attempts to prevent this from happening.

Regardless of the cause, the steps to deal with it in Mint is the same. You can indicate a transaction is a duplicate, just go to this link for steps: https://mint.lc.intuit.com/questions/1148182-mint-faq-how-do-i-remove-duplicate-transactions

You can edit multiple transactions at once by following the steps below:

- Check the box to the left of date for all transactions you'd like to edit.
-  Once you do this, the "edit multiples' button at the top of the page will become clickable, click that and a pop-up will appear.
- From there,  check the box at the bottom of the pop up to indicate "This is a duplicate".
- Click "I'm Done" to save the changes.
* Please note that these changes can be reversed if at any point. 

After checking the box to indicate a transaction is a duplicate, it will still appear in your Transaction list, though it will be greyed out. To hide them completely, click the gear icon at the top right of the transaction list (next to the “Add a Transaction” button), and then click the "Hide duplicate transactions" link. You can revert this change by clicking the gear icon again and then clicking the “Show duplicate transactions” link.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this causes and we appreciate your cooperation.

If you need further assistance, please contact our Support Team via Email/Chat: 

Your cooperation is highly appreciated.



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