Verification steps are annoying

Who find Mint extremely annoying lately?? First, the accounts are not being updated daily, every time I log in on my phone I get prompted to verify via email, now you have to prove you are not a robot, and you have to select different pictures based on a tittle. WTH is this???? None of the other financial institutions have these requirements, this is not convenient at all and very frustrating!!!! I don't need to verify my email every time I log in, remove this feature immediately!!! Remove it now!!!! I need to be able to log in on my phone without any questions.!! Not chase, or discover, or any other banks have these requirements. This is supposed to be easy and convenient for users, instead is very annoying and frustrating and time consuming!! Remove this verification step via email!!! 


I'm not Mint staff, but I have been using Mint off and on for about 4-5 years, and I know what it's like to voice your feelings and frustrations and feel like nobody is listening.  Or to voice a concern and find a dozen other vocal users experiencing the same issues but nobody getting a response.

IMO, is the 80% solution: So so so close but just not perfect. At the end of the day, this is a free service.  It was bought by Intuit some time ago, and they kept it open and free.

That said, you have voiced a few concerns here, but they're kind of jumbled one thing after another and not really constructive.  Are you advocating to shut down Mint?  Threatening to leave the free service?  Rabble rousing a crowd of opensource developers to rebuild from scratch?

For your specific points:

* Not updating daily: I've not noticed this.  I think it may have to do with busyness of Mint or other things going on on their end. I've had good luck in regular updates but never measured its frequency.  Try contacting support directly, it might be account specific.

* Not a Robot Images: This is the newer, easier method of captcha.  But there's a reason you're seeing it: Maybe you're coming from an insecure network?  Public computer/device?  Maybe you've logged in without checking "remember me on this computer" or similar?

* Verify email on login: Is this one the phone app only?  I don't use it.. look for a setting somewhere in the app or on your settings/profile.  And try contacting support directly.

If you find answers to any of these questions, by all means please update this thread.

Good luck!

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