Plan Destination/Newport Group 401(k) no longer working. Bank says they can't help, Mint says they cannot fix because of 2 step authentication (phone code via text/call)

The login information is correct, however a phone code is required.

Hi Richard,

Greetings from

I just received an update from our data connectivity team that the necessary fix has been deployed to your Plan Destination (The Newport Group) account and you should no longer be experiencing the issue you reported. If your account is still in error, please attempt to refresh your account once again follow the steps below:

1. Click the ""Settings"" button, then ""Financial""
2. Click on the "gear icon" button then "edit password"
3. Re-enter the login credentials you use to access account on the bank site directly

If you continue to experience same issue, please get back to so we can troubleshoot further.

If in case the fix successfully reconnect your account, then we'll appreciate if you could get back to us so we can tag this ticket accordingly.

I'll wait for your response.

Thank you for being a Mint Customer!

All the best,
Technical Support

Note: Our system assumes that incidents with no customer update in 5 days are resolved, and marks the case "closed" on the 5th day. Please know that this should not stop you from replying to this e-mail should you need further assistance.


Hi Richard,

Good day!

Thank you for contacting

I ran your account in our system and thoroughly checked the Plan Destination (The Newport Group) and its returning an error different form the escalated before.

It appears that your account has an authentication problem. This generally happens when a  onetime pass code is used as a form of multi-factor authentication (MFA) on the bank’s website that Mint is unable to support. This started on < 9:06AM Wed, Jan 11, 2017.

To verify, please check your bank’s website to see if they have changed/added new forms of authentication methods or if you have modified your online profile to include an enhanced form of security authentication.

If this is the case, we will be unable to aggregate data for this account, and there is nothing more we can do. We apologize for any inconvenience or frustration this may cause.


Note: Our e-mail system assumes that issues are resolved if no customer update is received in 5 days and automatically closes the incident. Please know that this should not stop you from replying to this email so we can continue working with you on this issue.

Hi Richard

Thank you for your patience and for your effort in resolving this issue.

Since your bank has added new security feature on their end we cannot do anything about , if you can contact your bank please do it so and update us as soon as you get information from them.

Thank you and we will wait for your response.

John Michael


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