Bank of America Duplicate Account Error and Transactions Kept in Pending

Hi guys,

I'm having a few different issues with Mint lately and would like to see if there's anything that can be done to resolve these issues (I bold below to call attention to key questions):

  1. Since 05Dec2016, Mint has been giving me errors about a "duplicate" account from Bank of America (the account is called “Debit Card” for anyone who can go in and see it). I have checked through everything and made sure that all active accounts have unique names on both the Bank of America side and also in Mint. Nothing I do seems to produce any results to clear up the error. The bullets below are interwoven into this issue, but the bottom line question for this post is how can I clear this error from my Mint account and make sure that the transactions that have been held up by this issue get posted?
    1. EDIT: The specific error message is: "Bank of America: This account looks like a duplicate. Try again with a different login to continue."
    2. A subpoint - the last note I received from Mint support said "This is to inform that account duplication may be triggered by a server or connectivity issue or a technical change/update in your bank's web site which causes confusion on how Mint collects data from your bank. [emphasis by Mint, originally in bold, changed by this author]." If that were true, wouldn’t all Bank of America customers be experiencing similar issues? I haven't seen enough of a response to suggest that the issue is systemic.
  2. To resolve the issue I described above, Mint has suggested that I “please consider renaming, hiding and closing the duplicate account/s as a quick fix.” This account duplicate issue has been plaguing me for far longer, but I have been able to work around it until now by renaming and closing the new duplicates. Unfortunately, I cannot find the duplicate accounts to rename/hide/close in the Mint website. I did find two accounts through the mobile app that seems to have duplicate names, but trying to change them only produces a message to try again later. If renaming/closing the account is the only possible fix, can someone help me edit those names?
    1. Another subpoint – Is there any possible way to consolidate accounts that Mint has accidently duplicated?
  3. Since I have been messing with this BOA account lately (within the last week), another BOA account has started acting strangely ("ASCE Credit Card" for you super helpful all-access people out there). A recent transaction from 09Jan is still stuck in pending, while the bank record has posted and subsequent transactions have processed and posted on Mint for the same account – i.e., I’m showing a 09Jan transaction as still pending in Mint, while I also have 16Jan transactions that are posted. Is there a way to make sure that this gets posted or is it lost forever? Is there something that can be done to make sure that transactions behave correctly in the future?

Thank you for reading this far and thank you for any help you can offer!


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