Several missing transactions on my Mint account. Customer support has been 'still working' for weeks. Anyone know how long has it taken to resolve issues in the past?

Summary: Mint's customer service has bene very responsive but very unhelpful. 

Issue No. 1: I am missing several transactions

Issue No. 2: There is no way for me to add them manually 

Issue No. 3: Mint does not seem to be in a rush to correct these issues. 

See communication thread below.

Initial email to mint 1/30 describing issue. 

"Some of my transactions are missing on my Chase accounts labeled 'SWA Premier'. There does not seem to be a specific date range or transaction type. The account has been opened for less than 90 days. Please help me resolve it without having to manually enter all the missing items."

Mint attempts to blow me off 1/31:

"I would like to inform you that the issue of Missing transactions and Transactions not updating with Chase Bank accounts have been already resolve."

I respond on 1/31: 

"Thank you for your response. Apparently my issue is a different issue from the one that Mint has previously resolved. 

I have attached two .pdf files showing the transactions in Chase and Mint for the 'SWA Premier' account. You'll notice that there are missing transactions. 

Please help me resolve this issue."

Mint responds on 1/31:

"I have triggered a connection refresh on my end. Kindly log in to your account and click the "Refresh Icon" to deploy the fix.

If the transactions are still missing, further investigation will be needed to isolate the specific reason why this is happening. Please let me know about the following:

     a. Is this only happening with a specific type of transaction, like all checking account transactions, all credit card transactions, specific merchants, specific amounts or specific categories?
     b. What bank and account type are you experiencing the issue with?
     c. Date range and details of the transactions affected by the issue
     d. Do any of the missing transactions share the same details (same merchant, amount and date), and only one is being posted in Mint? If yes, please be informed that in this scenario, our system will only post one transaction.

Please note that you should not delete the bank account as all historical transaction data will be permanently lost and we will not be able to investigate further nor retrieve any data beyond 90 days."

I respond on 1/31: 

"a.) No
b.) Chase 'SWA Premier' account
c.) See attachments in previous email with the transaction log from both Mint and Chase
d.) No"

Mint responds 2/1: 

"I've triggered again a refresh on my end ,Please wait for 24 hours if the issue still persist please let us know so that I can isolate this to our engineers."

I respond 2/2: 

"It appears that the refresh did not work. Please escilate this to your engineers and resolve the issue."

Mint responds 2/2: 

"Thank you for letting us know. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you.

I have escalated this issue to our data connectivity team for further investigation. As soon as our engineers come up with an update or a solution, I will let you know.

In the interim, while it is being worked on by our engineers/ data connectivity team. please do not delete the account in question in attempt to resolve the issue.  This will only delay the investigation and could result in the loss of any historical transaction information that may be associated with the account."

I respond on 2/5: 

"Please provide an update on this and an estimate on when this will be resolved. "

Mint responds 2/5: 

"We greatly appreciate your patience in waiting while we're working to fix this issue.
I just want to share that we haven’t forgotten about you. I'm truly sorry if it had taken us quite some time before getting back to you. Our data provider is continuing to work to resolve the issue you are experiencing, but we may have found that the fix requires information or action from the bank or financial institution before we can move forward.
We’ll follow up with you once we believe your issue is resolved.  Rest assured, we'll keep you posted!"

I respond 2/6: 

"Thank you for the response, but you did not provide a estimate of the time it will take to correct this error. I want a time estimate so I can decided if I should continue to use or switch to a more stable application."

Mint respond 2/6: 

"Thank you so much for your response.  I sincerely apologize for not being able to provide you with an immediate solution. Our Engineers still working on it for possible resolutions.  We will definitely give you an update once we receive feedback from them but I am sorry that we can't determine the ETA as of to date.

Rest assured you're on top priority.  Thank you for your patience and kind understanding."

I respond 2/9: 

"Please provide an update on this issue. This issue has gone unresolved for over a week. Thus far I have found your customer support slow and unhelpful. "

Mint responds 2/10:

"We haven’t forgotten about you. Our data provider is continuing to work to resolve the issue you are experiencing.

Once again, we thank you for your continued patience and apologize for any on-going inconvenience this issue may be causing."

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