Linking comcast account to Mint fails with an invalid username/password error, though I am able to login directly to the comcast site using the same credentials.

I have been trying to link my ComCast account to Mint since last couple of months (since I get first alert about Mint Bills being discontinued) without any success. Earlier, even though the account was added, it did not show any information about my account and not even about my bill. I had contacted Mint customer care (Case# xxxxxxxxx) on 9th February but have not heard back since the other than the auto generated response. So today I decided to delete my non-functioning comcast account from Mint and re-add it. While re-adding the account, now I get an ""Invalid Username/Password" error, though I can use the same credentials to login to my Comcast account directly. Please help. I was very happy with the services from Mint Bills as a bill aggregator and bill pay utility. You guys killed the service and Mint app does not even come close to the outgoing Mint Bills app. Mint Bills was much more user friendly, intuitive, feature-rich and clutter-free for a bill aggregator as compared to Mint app. While you guys declare a much more superior product ***** after acquiring it just to kill your competition, your own replacement product does not even come close on customer satisfaction.



Hi biswajit.nanda, 

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. 

I would like to confirm if the ComCast you want to add is a Biller or an account. If it is an account, I noticed that you were using an app when adding it. Can you login to Mint web and try it again? 

We'd like to be able to help you setting up all your accounts and bills in Mint. Please contact us via chat or email using this link so we can work together in resolving this issue. 

Anyhow, we acquired Mint Bills (formerly Check) so we could bring bill pay services to Mint. We recently finished integrating the bill pay services into Mint, allowing you to manage finances and pay bills in one app, Mint, instead of two. With the integration complete, we’re shutting down Mint Bills.


Mint Steph

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