Prevent Mint from making up its own rules after a single manual change to a description and category

I just logged in after clearing the cache and cookies, and I see on Jun 8th Mint is still automatically changing the descriptions of transactions with no corresponding "rule", because I manually changed one specific description from the same vendor for one specific purchase at one time in the past.

In other words:

1) I order something from a vendor who sells many different types of things (for example, Amazon).  The bank's description of the purchase just reflects the vendor: "Amazon"

2)  This one particular purchase happens to be (for example) a hard drive, so I add the word "hard drive" to Mint's description , (which initially simply states "Amazon", as this is the bank's description).  Now this one transaction has a description of "Amazon - harddrive".  I also categorize this purchase as "electronics"

Note, I do NOT check the box that says "always rename...", and I do NOT make a rule.

3) A month later I purchase something completely different from Amazon (say, for example, a garden hose sprayer).  As before, the bank statement simply reads "Amazon".  

4)When I log into Mint, mint has automatically changed the description to "Amazon - harddrive", (and categorized it as "electronics"), even though I did not request that change.  

So, if I don't catch it and change it manually, my records will be worse off then if there was no description at all.

And since the rule it automatically created does not appear in my rule list, there is no way for me to delete it.  
Now, for the rest of time, every purchase I make from amazon will read "Amazon - harddrive" and be categorized as "electronics", no matter what it is, by default, until I go in and manually change it by hand, every time.

I understand the intention was to make things easier by having the software see trends and predict, but one time does not make a trend, and the developers seem not to have realized that one online store can sell things in many different categories.

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