Graphs and Budgets Showing Hidden Tags


I've been using Mint for more than a year.  I use the tag "reimbursable"
 to cover all my work expenses which my company reimburses me for.  It's
 nice because I can search "tag: reimbursable" and all the expenses and
reimbursements which I've marked will be totaled and I can see if I've
been paid for everything.  This is also good because my personal budgets
 and spending graphs and charts will only show my personal purchases.  
Also, when it works, the cash flow would show everything and I could see
 if work was draining me of cash/racking up credit card debit which
could be a problem when it comes time to pay the credit card bill.

This changed and then changed back, but only worked for about a month or a little more.  

Now there have been terrible issues with the tags and also with the
budgets.  These issues are on my iPhone (version 3.4.0 (25.7273.4012))
and on my browser (Waterfox (64bit Firefox) and IE).

1.  Net Income:  The expense items which are tagged with a hidden tag
"reimbursable" are showing up in net income, but the income transactions
 tagged "reimbursable" are not.  So when I get paid and mark the items I
 expensed and my payment from work, it doesn't balance.  If I do not
mark the income as reimbursable, things balance. When I search for the
tag under the transactions section, I can see if I've been paid for my
expenses by the total it gives me.  If income is not tagged it will only
 be a summary of all expenses.

2.  Budgets:  It says I'm terribly over budget and at first it may have
been right, but I went in (like I always have done before without this
issue) and marked reimbursable things reimbursable.  It continues to
count these items in the total, but transactions disappear in the budget
 list.  At first I thought this could be roll over from another month,
but it does it to more than the budgets that roll over and I've also
reset amount to zero and have turned off budget roll over and turned it
back on.

3.  Spending Bar and Pie Charts:  These are showing all the hidden
tagged items.  Of course this isn't what anyone wants, hidden means I want it to not show.

4. Cash Flow:  The overview in my iPhone says 2,123 earned, 4,005
spent... but if I open the details I spent over $5,000 this month.  I'm thinking maybe the overview is right and the details are wrong but its difficult to know unless I add them up by hand.

I think at least 22 other people have been seeking help on this topic.
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