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  • Oh Lord, please tell me the new mobile app is a joke?

    Now instead of having most everything easily available and concise on the "overview" page, you're going to...

  • Semi Regular budgets

    Does anyone have any ideas or recommendations on how to set up a budget (that'll work) for semi-regular...

  • Is "Mint community" going away?

    Can't find a link to it on Mint any longer - as of Nov 1, 2016.  Perhaps I'm missing it? At the very least,...

  • Can someone explain how occasional budgets are supposed to work?

    I've been saving for months for property taxes (and auto registrations).  Taxes for me are due every six...

  • Goals pace (amount head/behind)

    Due to the nice downturn last summer/fall in the market, I'm a good bit behind on my "retirement" goal....

  • Capital One card pending transactions showing as posted

    Starting just today (Monday 3/14/16) - almost all my transactions not from today are showing as posted in...

  • Budget monthly total

    What's the deal with the monthly total for budgets.  The past two months - I've hit my income (actually in...

  • Where is the link to contact Mint located at ON MINT?

    For crying out loud -  You click on Help and it opens a new window to the Mint Community.  You click on...

  • Auto closing accounts

    This needs to stop. I come in this morning, check my goals and see I'm off about 30K from last night....

  • US Bancorp not working

    US Bancorp has not been working for the past several days.  Seems perhaps US Bank made a change to their...

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