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  • can you add search for "everything else"

    All of my other budget categories link to a search of their transactions.  Everything else does not,...

  • all mint developers need to have an account they use daily!

    seriously, there are so many little bugs and annoyances.  clearly the developers are not users.  also test...

  • the new authentication no longer prompts for the additional information it is pointing out that it needs

    stop making changes without testing them!

  • you need to upgrade server

    seriously you guys need to upgrade your server.  on pay days the site often does not load.

  • How to add a one time income budget?

    If i know i am getting a bonus, there is no way to add a one time budget for the month of the bonus. In the...

  • hide month from trend

    My first month was incomplete so it shows the lowest for everything on Trends tab.  Can I hide this month...

  • Can i sort budgets?

    Could you please add the ability to sort budgets by name instead of $spent?

  • overview net income

    For my mortgage loan, payments show up as spending from my bank account and do not show up as income when...

  • Edit spending categories better

    I would like to be able to do the additional actions.  Add a category at the top level.  I was using the...

  • Separate Discretionary Budget

    I would like to mark each budget if it is discretionary(shopping, restraunts) vs non-discretionary (loans)....

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